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Chun Tong Applied

By:    Dr. Jerry P. Galloway, Ed.D.
            Master of Taekwondo

Electronic Textbook
with Video

Based on the CHUN TONG Style...
Taekwondo  -  Karate  -  Hapkido  -  Kung Fu

This text includes vital pressure points, a wide variety of practical attack/counter-attack situations with video support.  Also included are formalized 1 and 3 step sparring routines and hands-on combat self-defense maneuvers.

Structured HAPKIDO techniques, advanced Hapkido applications and sparring take-downs, all including video presentations, round out a comprehensive electronic textbook on the Chun Tong Moo Do system of Taekwon-Karate.

Book:   $ 25.oo  +  s/h

This is an Electronic Textbook
on:  CD-ROM  for PC or Mac

Video Clips Only
Available on DVD by Request

ISBN  1-931197-19-9
Available From:

TMA Educational Services, Inc.
4507 Oakgrove Ln.
Sachse, TX

912 - 531 - 4790


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