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Product items include:

  1. CD-ROM (scoring software), (also available on floppy diskette by request)
  2. Interface box (only we have this exclusive device)
  3. Reference manual (explains software and general use)
  4. Quick-Reference Card
  5. Judges' left & right scoring hand-grips & cables (3 sets)
  6. Convenient Storage Bag
This system is NOT a sensory-based, "automated" scoring system.  Judges are required to make judgments and register scores via hand-held switches, colorized to distinguish the competitors.  Two out of three judges registering RED within 1 second of each other adds one point to RED.  Same for blue.

This system is compatible with Olympic scoring rules of the United States Taekwondo Union.  More and more state-wide tournaments are seeking an opportunity to emulate the electronic scoring found at national and international events.  Most common in Taekwondo, obviously the E-SCORE system can be used in karate, kung fu and any other martial arts competition.  This system can also be invaluable for in-class training and preparation for competition.

The software will display a large full-screen view of the score for all to see including the actively changing time-remaining.  Other data displayed on the screen include details on warnings, deductions, round number, timeouts and more.  Finally the software records a history file of competition matches and scores on the harddisk for easy reference.

The software is completely menu-driven and very easy to use.  The software runs on any IBM-style personal computer and is compatible with Windows (will run in the DOS emulator).

Scoring Hand-Grips are color coded and are held in each hand by 3 corner judges.  Cables are typically taped into and along the perimeter of the competition ring where tape typically marks the out-of-bounds area.  The cables can also be run under the newer padded interlocking tiles now on the rise among Taekwondo tournaments.

A "head-of-court" person (like a time-keeper in old-style "point" tournaments) can operate the computer from the regular keyboard to register warnings, point-deductions, timeouts, etc.

NOTE:  Scoring system will not register 2-point strikes.  Each registered "score" is one point at a time.

The cables plug directly into a brand new interface box - a new invention specifically designed for this E-SCORE system.  No other electronic scoring system for PC's has this special box which communicates the judges' scores to computer.  The box fits "in-line" with the keyboard cable.  Plug the keyboard into our box and plug our box into the computer's keyboard slot.

We provide the box for either traditional AT-style keyboards or it can accommodate the newer PS-2 keyboards with adapters included.

The system has been tried and tested by in class training and in competition in Indiana, Massachusetts, Texas, California, Mexico and more with very exciting and positive results.

The E-SCORE system marketing does not target the individual martial artist and instead would interest school owners from the smallest academy to the largest, state-wide organization.

E-SCORE:  $ 395 per set
Plus Shipping & Handling

VGA Video Splitter (for using 2 monitors) - $25 Extra

Allow 3-4 weeks for manufacturing.

5% Discount... if purchase 4 or more sets  - inquire...


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